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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  April 16, 2015 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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out? oh yes, very ill-advised. channel that. then we started talking. >> well tell your parents i say, hi and i cannot wait to watch more micro on cnn. thank you so much for joining me and everyone set the dvr, watch it live watch it multiple times. "somebody's gotta do it" 9:00 eastern tonight. i'm brooke baldwin. see you back here at 10:00 eastern. back in for "cnn tonight." "the lead with jake tapper" starts now. that florida man with the gyrocopter just charged. more importantly, did he just give people looking to attack the capitol a blueprint for an easy way to do? i'm jake tapper this is "the lead." the national lead. he flew undetected undeterred through the most restricted airspace in the world. quote/unquote. before setting his aircraft down on the capitol lawn but instead of protest letters, what if he intended to deliver a dirty bomb? the politics lead.
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secretary hillary clinton in iowa. debut week on the trail, but there are difficult questions being posed by other democrats. on her left flank. about whether she's progressive enough to be her party's standard bearer. and the world lead. isis on the verge of routing the city of ra mann just a short drive from baghdad. the iraqi army pleading for reinforcements leaving 150,000 iraqi citizens caught in the cross hairs. leaving their homes. desperately trying to flee. good afternoon, everyone. i'm jake tapper. welcome to "the lead." we begin with breaking news in the national league charges just timed against the florida man who flew that small aircraft over what is supposed to be the most restricted no-fly zone. the national capitol. landed on the front lawn of congress. just released doug hughes from custody now on house arrest at his gnome tampa.
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he showed up to court today dressed in his mailman uniform complete with the postal service logo. the stunt exposing a serious national security vulnerability, posing major questions today of senate committee leading a loud national chorus demanding answers. how could so many law enforcement and safety personnel miss this flying contraption as it flew an estimated two hours into washington, d.c.? after 9/11 the people in charge of keeping us safe were blamed for a failure of the imagination for not anticipating terrorists turning planes into weapons, but this incident required no imagination. we've been reporting on drones and other rogue small aircraft for years. a drone just landed on the white house grounds in january. this is not a facial of matchilure of imagination. it's a failure of competence a failure to adapt into the world in which we are living. not one person tried to stop hughes at his self-made jie jury
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gyrocopter took off in pennsylvania. saying hughes flew under the radar, literally. no way was doug hughes secret about his plans. in fact the secret service questioned him about his preparations for this bold stunt in 2013. jim acosta cnn's senior white house correspondent. jim, why wasn't this man's flight stopped? >> reporter: well jake a lot flies under the radar in washington as you know and this gyro copter incident is prompting new security concerns across the nation's capitol, es especially at the white house. security you upgrade are sorely needed on both sides of pennsylvania avenue. one day after he buzzed washington in his gyro copter -- and touched down at the capitol as seen in this a.p. video, florida political activist and pilot doug hughes landed in federal court, where he may soon be grounded behind bars. hughes is now facing federal charges including violating national defense airspace in a
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stunt aimed at protesting campaign fund-raising. a plan he shared in advance with the "tampa bay times." >> i don't believe that the authorities are going to shoot down a 60-year-old mailman in a flying bicycle. >> reporter: up on capitol hill the outrage was bipartisan. >> why weren't there alarm bells that went off and intercepted? did we know about it? how far from the capitol grounds did we know? >> what we need to do prosecute him, set a strong example. we don't want anymore stunts like this. >> reporter: the secret service denied reports it was given a heads up that hughes was about to fly into washington. but agency officials confirmed they talk to hughes 18 months ago, when they first heard about his plans. the secret service then forwarded the information to the capitol police. the agency's director joe clancy briefed lawmakers demanding answers. >> we have to come up with the appropriate technology to be able to know about these things. >> reporter: after a small drone crash landed on the white house grounds earlier this year and a
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man hopped the white house fence last fall the secret service is already working on security upgrades. such as adding temporary steel stik spikes to the fence to deter jumpers. seems nobody ever thought man way gyrocopter like something out of a james bond movie would ever pose a threat. least of all the president. >> i didn't see his initial reaction. might have been what's a gyro copter? that was my reaction. >> reporter: after his court date today, hughes was released but will be placed under home detention and barred from operating any aircraft while awaiting trial. as for those protocols in place for protecting the white house and the capitol from aviation threats, the white house says the gyro copter was flying so slow and so low that it was difficult to be detected. jake? >> jim acosta live at the white house. thank you so much. bringing in aviation koerpt rene marsh. rene is the federal government able to track these smaller aircraft, whether a drone or a gyro copter-type thing?
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>> i spoke to a former government radar engineer who says no one is watching these radars these specifically, not watching those low-flying slow slow-moving aircraft. they're all fixated on the potential of something like a huge jetliner. i just received a rather frank answer to that question from norad saying detecting and tracking low, slow fliers and differentiating them from weather to rain and birds is a technical and operational challenge. tonight, concerns about the security of airspace over the nation's capitol. >> this is not good people. >> reporter: the critical question at center of multiple investigations how did this gyrocopter fly through what's supposed to be highly protected and restricted airspace? easily landing on the west lawn of the u.s. capitol. [ sirens ] >> the military's mission seems to be optimized towards finding
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large aircraft with missiles not smaller aircraft flying in airspace where they don't expect them. i would say today we're not prepared for that. >> reporter: doug liz hughes took off from gettysburg pennsylvania traveling nearly 100 miles into restricted airspace. the trip took roughly two hours. the faa, capitol police and homeland security monitored airspace around the clock. what's supposed to happen is the monitoring agencies communicate in realtime on a conference call. any potential threat is assessed. then norad steps in s ins in scrambling a military jet or coast guard chopper and can shoot down an aircraft if necessary. how did they miss this? homeland security secretary jeh johnson says because it actually flew under the radar. the gyro copter on average flies comfortably 50 to 100 feet although it's capable of flying
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higher. at that altitude it's out of reach of most radar detection. a clear vulnerability. >> i've said that a number of times that it would be pretty simple to take a home-built aircraft down the river, make a left turn over the lincoln memorial and fly it up the mall. it wouldn't be the first time it's been done. >> reporter: in january, a drone crashed on to the white house lawn and in 1994 a small cessna flying low and out of radar's reach came down outside the white house. no one tried to stop that one either. >> it would be relatively simple to create a scenario where you could launch ten gyro copters from ten different airports an hour way from downtown d.c. and fly them at the same time way nasty mission. >> well the argument is hypersensitive radars would trigger countless false alarms detecting things like birds, but one expert said integration of other sensors like noise
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monitors to pick up the propeller's signature of a gyrocopter is a potential solution. so what he's saying is government needs to essentially think outside of the box. >> yeah. you think? >> yeah. >> rene marsh, thanks so much. joining me now is congresswoman martha mcsally retired air force colonel and she's a republican from arizona sitting on the house homeland security committee. thanks so much for joining us congresswoman. >> thanks for having me. >> i'm glad this man is okay i'm sure we all are, but i have to say, i don't feel particularly comfortable knowing he could fly over what is labeled restricted airspace. are you surprised he made it as far as the capitol lawn? >> actually i'm deeply concerned that he did. we have a multilayer defense here and it is restricted airspace. he was obviously in a gyrocopter very difficult to detect by radar. we definitely need do forensics on how this happened. it's one thing to be able to do it. it's another did we know about
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it? anybody pick him up or did our systems all realize it when he landed? i've been out on a border pa troll, near our border seeing this in border security. certainly a threat in the military trying to pick up small airborne slow moving low altitude objection to detect them. it's a challenge for security but one we need to take very seriously because it exposed a vulnerability vulnerability. he wasn't trying to hurt somebody but somebody else could, if he was armed, an explosive onboard or whatever else somebody else might be intended to do to exploit this vulnerability. >> he went through two states before getting into d.c. >> yes. >> an estimated two hours in the air. who should have seen something? who is responsible for sounding the alarm? >> well i think it's again, got to do forensics on the
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assessment of what happened but i think there's a whole lot of levels of responsibility. the first, again is with those that are responsible for controlling our airspace but again, low-flying slow aircraft like his might not be picked up on anybody's radar because of the limitations of radar systems. then if we've got this kind of threat what's the end game? when they penetrate into restricted airspace coming near the capitol, the white house, other high-value areas what is our end game in a multilayer defense to be able to pick it up by other means and be able to address it intercept it and stop it. again if it is something that actually have a threat. so this is what needs to happen in the forensics of how this came about. because this is a very serious vulnerability that has been exposed through this incident. >> he detailed his protest plans to a newspaper, to the "tampa bay times" in florida and, of course could have been carrying anything thank heaven he wasn't. >> right. >> and made it clear he was not intending to be any sort of
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threat could have had a weapon anthrax a bomb. what can be done to track a small contraption like a gyrocopter or drone and how would you stop it shooting it down is that the only way? >> well again, let's make sure we do the assessment and the get the facts to see if anybody tracked him and with what technology and what technologies we have that could help again, pick up a low flying slow gyrocopter like this. especially when it's coming towards high-value areas. first issue, detecting it. second what do you do about it once detected? how do you intercept it notify him? again, a mistake, versus somebody wanting to do harm? what's the end game? penalties of those that come into restricted airspace. he needs to be prosecuted to the fullest sense of the law and deter others. the fact he thought he could get away with this and not have harm
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come to him is a concern and saends signal to others they may be able to as well. all of this sends the wrong snool our enemies. and those violent extremists out there trying to figure out how to attack america from within or foreign fighters flowing from overseas. both soft targets and high-value targets, and exposing our vulnerabilities is not a good thing. >> congress woman mcsally thanks your joining us. and hillary clinton slamed by critics after revealed her foundation accepted big bucks from foreign countries including a few with troubling human rights records. now the foundation says it will stop taking money from some but not all foreign donors. is this compromise enough to quiet critics or hurt her on the campaign trail? that story and more, next.
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jt.ake tapper. tough questions for hillary clinton coming from the inside house. you can see photos clintons bagged packed carrying them herself departing omaha, iowa today. not the om baggage clinton is carrying. pefkier parts of her record on progressive issues trying to get rid of introducing or re-introduces herself to democratic voters. right to cnn senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny. heading to new hampshire monday. how the sale man zp going? >> so far going pretty well. some of the painful memories of finishinged they place in 2008 replaceed by fresh hand shakes and photographers with eager democrats. now the hard part really begins as every position in her 2016 campaign is not only compared to rivals but also compared to
1:19 pm
herself. voters weigh a fine line evolving with the times and old-fashioned flip-flopping. it's cleanup week for hillary clinton. >> i am so delighted to be here. >> reporter: new views. >> i'm running for president. >> reporter: for a new campaign. >> i'll be rolling out ideas. >> reporter: new answers for old questions that still stir controversy. should undocumented immigrants be given driver's licenses? today her campaign release add statement saying yes. hillary's support state policies to provide drivers' licenses to undocumented immigrants. in the 2008 race it was an issue she wrestled with and won her democratic rival seized on at this presidential debate. >> i want to add i did not say it should be done but i certainly recognize why governor spitzer is trying to do it and we have failed. >> wait a minute. no no no. you said yes, you thought it made sense to do it. >> no. i didn't chris, but point is -- what are we going to do with all of these illegal immigrants who are driving on the roads? >> reporter: on the defensive,
1:20 pm
finally said she would not support drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants. on same-sex marriage her campaign now says she supports marriage equality and hopes the supreme court will come down on the side of same-sex couples being guaranteed that constitutional right. but in 2008 she and other democrats including barack obama opposed legalizing gay marriage. even last year she took a far narrower view in an interview with mpr. >> for me marriage had always been a matter left to the states. i fully endorse the efforts by activists who work state by state. >> reporter: this week a rival democrat former maryland governor martin o'malley signed gay marriage into law three years ago took aim at clinton in this unusually pointed interview. >> history celebrates profiles and courage, not profiles and convenience. the dignity of every person tells ut the right to marry is not a state right.
1:21 pm
it is a human right. >> reporter: and one more item in the cleanup aisle. the clinton foundation saying today it will change how it does business by disclosing the names of donors four time as year instead of only annually. the foundation will now limit but not eliminate contributions from foreign governments. it will only allow donations from australia, candidate da germany, the netherlands, norway and the united kingdom. she's already step downed from the foundation board but the new rules are tended to ease conflicts of interest as she seeks the presidency. it's unlikely her decision to resign from the borden the clinton foundation and these new rules will sweep away all the controversy. one thing her campaign is d.c. wig now preparing to ender the second week of her candidacy is more issue focus. >> jeff zeleny sfik around. i want to bring in cnn political correspondent into the conversation. welcome. >> great to be here. >> speaking of cleanup, it's omaha, nebraska not om ha, iomaha.
1:22 pm
more important than my messup clinton is flip-flopping and playing catch-up on issues where o'malley led. is this a potent charge do you think? >> i think specifically talking about same-sex marriage. i think in that issue a very few profiles in courage and any of the parties, obama and clinton, all playing catch-up on this. i think it's going to be difficult for him to make that charge. he obviously is trying to seek that progressive wing of the party, the party where elizabeth warren is but i think he's got work to do himself in terms of growing the buzz and the energy around his potential candidacy. but i think particularly on this issue of same-sex marriage the fact that everyone is kind of evochled on this issue. martin o'malley signed it in 2012. in 2004 massachusetts was the first to have same-sex marriage. it's not like he was way, way
1:23 pm
out front either on this issue. >> jeff not that issue or the drivers licenses for it's undocumented workers. been a lot of populist talk from clinton in iowa including said "there's something wrong when hedge fund managers play ss pay lower taxes than nurses or truckers" but a great story in politico talking about people on wall street hedge fund managers and the like saying we know that is kind of just talk? >> they hope it is. a wink and nod there. the reality is hillary clinton is not the top of their enemies list. elizabeth warn up there, even barack obama higher than that. i think they know she is going to one of them. the senator who represented their interests and will -- the question son left. is this talk going to be sufficient enough for the liberals on the left? or will she have to keep going? i talked to a top wall street lobbyist or wall street donor who gives -- they said we're
1:24 pm
watching what she is saying. not scary because we know she's with us. the question is how far to her left? start putting policies out there that are alarming to them. >> and secretary clinton told a small audience in norwalk, iowa yesterday, "all my grandparents came over here." buzzfeed looked into it. one was an immigrant to this nation. probably not used to having her comments dissected this wee even as secretary of state, a relatively apolitical position? >> yes. you see politicians often get into this trouble with their biography, they're trying to overplay or play up their humble beginnings, but also try to play up the sort of aspirational arc of their career and bios. for her it will bode low over this. marco rubio got into a similar trouble with some of the facts of his bio. i think for her, it is showing she's a little rusty. that she can't speak in these vague terms in the way she used
1:25 pm
to but gets at an underlying challenge she has and some polls show this with credibility and honesty and whether or not she has a problem being straightforward on issues. >> hop across the aisle and talk about republicans a sec. former president george w. bush told 7,000 people in chicago according to politico jeb bush's biggest problem is him. that's why "you won't see me out there on the campaign trail." fail assessment? >> certainly the last name. we won't see him out there a lot. certainly in the republican primary, where the issue here is. the tea party rise startedality the end of the bush years all of the spending bailouts everything else. he's not going to be welcome to campaigning in the primary, but by the end, say jeb bush wince the nomination i'd be surprised if the brother actually goes through the whole season sitting it out. he could be helpful i think to some republicans in a general
1:26 pm
election. certainly helpful at raising money. and his rolodex is the most important of all. >> jeff zeleny thank you both so much. up next on "the lead," an american accused of training in syria alongside terrorists but feds say he did not stop there. came back to the u.s. on a mission to pull off an attack right here. plus a startling new report on the growing popularity of electronics cigarettes. esignifies among teens and even tweens. why and how are so many young people getting their hands on these things? is anything serious being done to reverse this trend?
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welcome back to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. more upsetting news an westerners joining isis in our world lead. starting way modeled turned islamist terrorist, sharky jama once a deejay dave up the catwalk for the land down under, the syrian battlefield. his family announce head was killed fighting alongside isis terrorists. his parents say he left last year for fallujah but claim they
1:31 pm
did not know he had joined isis. this comes as federal prosecutors announce the arrest of an ohio man accused of training with terrorists in syria and plotting an attack here in the united states. joining us live with late breaking details what do we know about this case out of ohio? >> jake his name is about due rock med sheikh mohammed, 23 years old from columbus ohio. a case of someone who actually left the united states in april 2014. got training and arms explosives combat with the front in syria. >> that's the al qaeda affiliate? >> exactly. and came back to the united states two months later. that's in june of 2014. that's a couple days after his brother, who went by the name aidan, who left the united states in 2013 was killed fighting with the front in june 2014. just a couple days later gets on plane. comes back to the united states. now, the fbi says he told a friend that while he was over there getting training a cleric
1:32 pm
told him he should come back to the united states and carry out domestic terror attacks here in this country. what he said he was thinking of doing was attacking cops the military execution-style. this is a guy who became a u.s. citizen only in february of last year. just a couple days later applies for a passport. already had plans according to the fbi to travel over there to join these terrorist groups. >> how did he end up on the radar screen of law enforcement? >> appears through his brother. the fbi was looking at the brother for traveling to syria and have a lot of communications between the two. you might ask, why didn't they arrest him when he came back last june? from the area from the region. it appears they didn't have enough evidence against him. so they wanted to watch him more. this ways in the works about a year and a half. >> evan perez. thank you. the world lead is described as a desperate situation inside
1:33 pm
a key iraqi city surrounded now by isis fighters with thousands fleeing. running for their lives. coalition planes have been spotted in the area in hopes of slowing down the fierce offensive by isis. too little too late to keep ramadi from falling? that story, next. ♪ ♪ the pursuit of healthier. it begins from the second we're born. after all, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned... every day... from the smallest detail to the boldest leap.
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welcome book to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. continuing with our wold leerrld lead isis terrorists on the key cityramadi. so important, 70 miles west from the capital of baghdad. coalition air strikes are pounding isis positions, but that may not be enough to keep iraq securesy forces from perhaps fleeing, and isis from gaining another stronghold. let's get right to cnn's chief national correspondent live from the pentagon where the secretary of defense ash carter completed his first news conference.
1:38 pm
what was his assessment of the situation on the ground there? >> he and general dempsey, chairman of the joint chiefs say the general lines are positive situation on the ground capability of the iraqi security forces you at the same time grant that the city ramadi you said largest in western iraq may well fall to isis and general dempsey made the case it's not strategically important, bricks and mortar hard to see how it isn't major foreices and 60 miles from the capital bag dads. baghdad. this is ramadi under a punishing assault by isis. iraqi officials inside western iraq's largest city tell cnn it is on the brink of falling to the terror group. adding decembersperate calls for reinforcement. and today joint chiefs general martin dempsey conceded iraqi forces may very bell lose ramadi
1:39 pm
to isis. >> i would much rather that ramadi not fall but it won't be the end of a campaign should it fall. we got to get it back. >> reporter: coalition air strikes on thursday appear to have cut some resupply routes used by isis. residents have given up on rescue. tense of thousands having fled the city in just two days. r ra maudsy in iraq's sunni heartland. today the new defense secretary ashton carter expressed concern that the iraqi government is still relying too much on shiite dominated militias. >> lasting victory overisil requires inclusive governance in baghdad and respect for local populations in all areas liberated from isil control. >> reporter: as isis continues to push on the oil refinery a critical piece of infrastructure for the iraqi economy, the terror group released new propaganda video showing a rapid assault on the city. >> once the iraqis have full control of this area they will
1:40 pm
control all of their oil infrastructure, both north and south and deny isil the ability to generate reserve knew through oil. revenue through oil. >> reporter: i was able to press the defense secretary on the situation in yemen. aqap gaining ground there. how can that work without u.s. forces on the ground et cetera saying they have other means to fight the threat ideally a government partnership but lard to see. counterterror pressure on aqa spchlt reduced giving them great greater capability to carry out attacks overseas. a real problem. >> and citing this an a counterterrorism example to be
1:41 pm
xplaemp phi ed xavrp pla exemplified. and returning from iraq last no senator, thanks so much for being with us. based on what you saw in iraq is the coalition defeating iies inging isis at all? >> you've seen bright spots in tikrit. a ramadi exercise is not a surprise to us because i think that the isis the last thing they want is progress through kirkuk and through mosul. it was expected they take these actions. a real threat because of close proximity toy baghdad but not a capture generating a revenue for isis making it worse than it already is for them to take ground. >> saying it wouldn't be a revenue generator like the oil fields isis captured but how concerned should u.s. officials be if ramadi does in fact fall completely to isis? >> anytime isis takes ground it's a bad thing. we need to be prepared through the coalition forces to provide air support.
1:42 pm
the iraqi services, the armed service have to go in and have to defend the situation on the ground. we need to go everything we can to hold the spread and focus efforts back on eradicating them from ra maud aroundmadi and into mosul, the home the caliphate. >> you've been critical of president barack obama. you and many on capitol hill saying it create add vacuum for isis to thrive taking this out to be lodge irk the conclusion you think we should send combat troops back to iraq to fight isis? >> i don't necessarily think -- i do believe we are largely in the situation we are today in iraq because we withdrew the troop presence similar to what we have in afghanistan today. if there a way to re-introduce an american presence that does not put our people on the battlefield but in train, advise and assist roles probably
1:43 pm
helpful to getting the iraqi military to the point they were actually take the fight to isis. >> easy to say, how long will it take? we've had u.s. troops in iraq since 2002, to 2003 training iraqi troops. when's that going to happen? >> i think if we had been there when they were really tested the first challenge of isis. isis was successful and, of course withdrew. abandoned equipment we have been estimately able to destroy to reduce equipment capacity. the way we got there, jake leaving too soon. we let the enemy know when we were going leave and that we would not there be to provide the added level of support and intelligence you can only do with some presence on the ground. that's why any afghanistan i think after i left baghdad and erbil we went to kabul and forward operating bases and to a person the afghanis say we cannot repeat the mistake in afghanistan we made in iraq and
1:44 pm
the iraqi leadership recognized they made a mistake. we need to figure how do it in a systematic and safe manner for the personnel, the american personnel on the ground and probably require increased presence to get their national forces back up to fighting capability. consistent fighting capability. >> how big a presence? how large a presence do you think the u.s. should have in iraq? >> we're going back to the military leaders and asking them that question. i will say that some of the -- that there are bright spots in the training we did while there. their version of special forces have done well there. the only ones who held ground were successful. the army regulars were not ready to bring the fight back to isis. what we've got to go re-establish. >> senator thom tillis thank you. appreciate it. glad you're back safe. >> thank you. coming up on "the lead," helping you kick the habit. could e-cigarettes pave the way for a new generation of nicotine
1:45 pm
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welcome back to "the lead." another report released may inspire you to have a talk with kwo your kids. in one year the number of teens and tweens who have tried e-cigarettes tripled. that's more than 2 million middle school and high school-aged kids at very leechat least experimented with nick kean easily addictive chemical
1:50 pm
dangerous to any human body. e-cigs a multibillion dollar industry and the bright colored packages and celebrity endorse mntsds are apparently attracting a young crowd not surprisingly. elizabeth cohen, cnn senior medical correspondent pap dramatic increase is it not? >> jake it is so dramatic that now when you look at this group of teenagers, when you look at teenagers in general, they are actually using e-cigarettes more than they're using cigarettes. so e-cigarette usage surpassed cigarettes usage for teenagers. look at numbers, you can understand just how much it's jumped. when you look at high schoolers, usage went from over half a million in 2013 to 2 million the following year and middle schoolers from 120,000 to 450,000. those are huge jumps in one year. and you know you can see when we were looking at the video, thee cigarettes look differ.
1:51 pm
sometimes teenagers look can't than bad. pretty colors smell like bubble gum or green apple. they must not be that bad. the cdc said today is nicotine is nicotine. nicotine is terrible for the developing brain of an adolescent no matter what form of nicotine it is. >> some say that there is some good news in this report in the sense that actual cigarette use is down but, of course there's the e-cigarette rise. plus kids seem to find alternatives often as hookahs. >> hookah use doubled in the same time period. with hookahs, interesting and particularly dangerous, sit around an hour having a hookah session. an incredible amount of nicotine. getting say 200 puffs, if were you just smoking a cigarette it might be 20 puffs. that's for the hookhookahs, duration is part of the issue. >> what can parents do other than that stern lecture?
1:52 pm
>> one thing, can't unfortunately just smell your kids' breath. that was what my parents did and all birntsparents do to see if you're smoking cigarettes. for the record i wasn't smart parents check kids breath. this smell goods. your kids' breath will smell kind of fruit pip not going to work. you have to be explicit with your middle schooler or teen and explain these things may look harmless and look colorful but in fact it's not harmless. part of it is that the kids just don't understand the nature of these product. >> all right. elizabeth cohen, thank you so much. appreciate it. back to that national lead. we now have court sketches of the mailman who flew the gyro captor on the u.s. capitol lawn. a depiction of doug hughes wearing this post's service uniform before released on house arrest earlier today. wolf blitzer joins me. you'll talk about the mailman stubt on "the situation room" and how it raises national security concerns?
1:53 pm
>> deputy national security advisor to the president ben rhodes is our guest. i'll ask about this. disturbing. his issues were political, raise enormous money in politics but no one knew that at the time. important lessons to be learned. also lindsey graham republican senator from south carolina joining us as well. thinking of running for president of the united states as well. >> might do well in south carolina where he's from. wolf blitzer, we'll watch in seven minutes. thanks. you'll have to wait eight months to watch the latest film in the "star wars" franchise. a sneak peek at the much-anticipated flick is finally here. stick around you will. to see what secrets are revealed in the new trailer for "the force awakens."
1:54 pm
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♪ hi, tom. how's the college visit? does it make the short list? yeah, i'm afraid so. 's okay. this is what we've been planning for. knowing our clients personally is why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way. welcome back to the ld. i'm jake tapper. money lead now. streaming service on which you spend about 90% of your night browsing for something to watch.
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today netflix may have once and for all staked its claim as the choice of a new generation. netflix stock hit an all-time high today. even surging past cbs in market value this afternoon. after the company reported that it added close to 5 million new subscribers just in the first three moss of the year beating forecasts by a cool million. some experts are predicting netflix could nearly double its value by next year because of top-notch original series such as "house of cards tai and "orange is the new black." also in large part because millennials talk about watches netflix, not watching tv. if netflix's own frank underwood were here to good advice they might say, claire you have to respect your own mortality pip. she is hanging up the angel wings. gisele bundchen walked her last-ever catwalk and ending her 20 year runway model.
1:59 pm
made the debut at new york fashion week at 14 years old and according to forbes giselle earned $47 million just last year for those keeping track, that's $16 million more than her husband tom brady made while playing football. the pop culture lead just hours ago, the internet felt a disturbance in the force when the trailer everyone's been looking for for "star wars" thes for awakens posted to youtube. luke skywalker narrates filled with storm troopers and what maybe a siff lord. going with -- trailer ends rather anticlimactically showing an old, gruff ship captain standing next to some weird seven foot cat of some sort. the actual release of the movie seems like a galaxy far, far away hits theaters in december.
2:00 pm
fought me on follow me on jake tapper. video blogs, extras, subscribe to our magazine on flipboard. that's it for "the lead." i'm jake tapper turning it over to wolf blitzer right now in "the situation room." happening now -- isis closes in to u.s. air strikes could they keep the terrorist in seizing a key iraqi city? as terrified residents flee and urgent call for reinforcement. al qaeda's air base. the the terror group, repeatedly targeted the u.s. from the air captures and airport in yermmen. will this boost odds of successful attack on america? security threat. shocking new video of the gyrocopter flying past the washington monument on the way to a landing at the u.s. capitol. could the pilot's dangerous stunt serve as a model for someone with a deadly intent? and missing records. the tulsa deputy who